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A CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT for the Soul - Co-Creation Magazine



How one organization is trying to transform the world of business by changing hearts, minds, and behaviors to encourage Oneness.

People, particularly in the West, are taught to believe we are required to face limitations, that we’ve one life to live and are seperate from divine forces, and each other. We’re individuals. Individualism is what drives us to be ambitious, work hard, and want to succeed. And we tend to take this individualistic nature with us when we enter the workforce. Most businesses operate exclusively for profit. They’re opened by ambitious individuals who want to make money, who then hire other ambitious individuals in the hopes of making more money. There is an outlined system of rank, and everyone knows their place in line. That’s how it is and how it’s always been. We may know the current standard for business isn’t working. It’s not sustainable. It doesn’t support or nourish life on Earth. But something in its foundation is missing, and Humanity’s Team and Conscious Business Innerprise believes it’s the concept of Oneness, the understanding that all of life is interconnected. While business owners and executives are becoming increasingly motivated to evolve and to be more conscious in their businesses, the idea of unity is still a concept that’s not yet been adopted widely. That was Neale Donald Walsh’s goal when he founded Humanity’s Team, to “address suffering and other issues stemming from the prevailing belief that we are separate from the Divine [and] each other.”

Humanity’s Team began as a vision of a world free from oppressive beliefs so we can all experience unity and oneness. It has since evolved into a worldwide, active movement that allows community and craves cultural differences. At the first meeting, in 2003, nearly 1,000 people from 6 continents gathered near Portland, Oregon. The movement now aids and supports everything from small, grassroots initiatives to global campaigns and events.

Any firm that uses monetary incentives to attract and motivate a CEO will get what it pays for: a CEO who is motivated by money. These leaders are often incapable of inspiring and motivating their employees to go above and beyond to achieve extraordinary engagement, creativity, or performance. More effective leaders are those who defy their selfinterest for the larger goal, who are motivated by purpose and service. Businesses that treat employees unfairly may seem like a good idea in the short term but can’t prosper in the long run. Good employees, over time, will migrate to firms that offer them fairness and opportunity. And in recent years, there’s been a tremendous push for companies to be transparent, sustainable, and fair from employees.

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