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Rather than telling you about my past from the perspective of achievements. I felt it was more appropriate to share my life story in the context of understanding my experiences, as a process of spiritual transformation, which has led me to understand the co-creative processes,that brought me out of retirement, and is leading me on the greatest journey in my life. The 50s… I was the son of post-war Polish immigrants, who arrived in Australia in 1951, with only the clothes in their suitcases. These were important years in my life because as a child I was required to grow up very quickly. since my parents were poor, we all worked. I had jobs evenings, weekends, and school holidays, to assist with the family income. Since my mother worked five jobs, and my father was often away… I learnt how to cook, bake, clean, wash clothes, and do household chores. In fact, cooking became one of my major creative outlets. My parents spoke little English, so I was also an interpreter, advisor, shopping agent and general interface to the English-speaking community. Besides, going to school, I also had a profound curiosity about the nature of reality, and of existence. So right throughout the 50s, I devoured books on philosophy, ancient history, alchemy, ancient religions, mysticism, the occult, mythology, yes and even quantum physics. I have the gift of retaining great amounts of information and understanding most of what I read. My mother encouraged me to take up music, and once we have found our financial feet, I learnt and played three instruments and was a member of a local Youth Orchestra. However, it was around the age of 10, that I found my inner voice. It was a presence, which gave me guidance, love, encouragement, wisdom, and direction, that neither my parents nor any human teacher could have done. These were the foundation years, that provided the platform and the stepping stones for an incredible spiritual journey that has lasted over 60 years. The 60’s… This decade was indeed, the beginning of a new movement, that transcended all aspects of political, cultural, social and spiritual life. Yet for me whilst it was the period I grew up, my path was education. The 60’s was my experience with functional high school and tertiary education systems… I found institutionalized education both underwhelming and boring. Whilst I passed and collected all the necessary certificates and degrees on the way, It was my high school experience where I became aware that I could think outside the box…and I sort of developed a sixth sense; knowing what and how to answers questions in exam papers. However, the outstanding highlight of this decade for me was the discovery of an outstanding tenor voice and was invited to sing in lead roles in the school musicals. These experiences led me to pursue, voice training, and consequently participation in amateur light opera and musical societies for the next 47 years. I will, however, give some credit for the education system. It taught me how to write. The 70’s… The flower power and love generation were fully in bloom. My inner voice and some internal compulsion prompted me to experience the world directly. I travelled the world for nearly three years experiencing the lands I had read about in my books. I travelled alone, throughout Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and most of Europe, with no particular plan and relying on my instincts and inner voice to take me where I needed to go. it was an incredible journey, and it opened up my consciousness to the diversity of cultures and life that I could never have contemplated from a book. I met many kind and helpful strangers on the way, and I experienced first hand how people of different colours backgrounds and languages can be hospitable, compassionate, and generous to a complete stranger from the other side of the world. Never in that time, did I come across any situation where I was in danger. Maybe my instincts and presence were looking after me. Travelling alone, totally transformed me. I was no longer the shy young man from Perth in Australia, but evolving into a confident and outgoing persona, that was learning to totally trust his instincts and inner voice. Taking a journey in this way creates a sense of freedom that has to be experienced to be understood, After that travel odyssey, I stationed myself in London, mainly because I had run out of money. Living in London with my newly gained confidence, I worked in five different jobs, all requiring different skills and attributes, and I discovered that I had the ability to morph myself into those positions without having previous experience. The last job took me to Scotland, as the area manager for a medical equipment company, where I met my wife and her two young children and started my parallel journey as partner, parent and family man. The 80’s… This decade highlights milestones in my journey and experiences in the corporate world, as well as the beginning of my evolution as a healer practitioner and my Intuitive capabilities. When I return to Australia with my newly acquired family, my inner voice was prompting me to explore the world of healing. At that time I didn’t really understand what that meant, so I applied and got a job as a sales manager for a British Pharmaceutical Company. I was with this company for just under three years before I was recruited to join an American pharmaceutical conglomerate, in a more senior role. I learnt a lot about the workings of the legal drug industry. Mainly, that they had no interest in healing, and it was all to do with profit. I remained with this company for several years in various roles, ending up as a senior product manager for anticancer drugs. Working at this level, you get to see the dark side of corporate culture, and an awareness, that the products I was promoting, was killing more than it was curing. The other thing I discovered, was that working in a corporate culture was like working in a straight jacket. There was no freedom to be, do or say anything. I made a conscious choice to explore the world of alternative and energy medicine. While still working in the pharmaceutical industry, I found a mentor with extensive experience in Ayurvedic and energy medicine and apprenticed with him for three years. By the mid-eighties, I received another compulsion to move to Sydney, again no logical reason to move, just the Inspiration. So with that, my second wife and I sold everything and began a journey into the unknown. I set up practice in North Sydney, specialising in the treatment of chronic pain and disease. In the field of energy medicine, nutrition, environmental medicine, emotional release, ayurvedic, colour and sound therapy, magnetic therapy, electro-acupuncture, and the use and application of vibrational essences and homeopathics.I had a very successful and busy practice but was frustrated with the left brain process of diagnosis, and building treatment protocols. So I asked my inner voice or presence as I referred to it then, to show me a better way. So over a period of twelve months, I was given instruction, on how to read the human energy field, which actually is an informational field. And with a background of physiology and anatomy, I was able to accurately read and pinpoint pre-existing, existing and past traumas in the human body, with a great deal of accuracy. This skill didn’t go unnoticed. Many of my clients were senior executives from companies in the financial and banking industry that surrounded my practice. As a consequence of my medical intuitive skills, I was invited by a number of these executives to privately coach them in business intuition, which turned out to be an interesting and lucrative sideline. The 90’s… This decade was a transition and transformation period which built upon my intuitive abilities and shifted me in the Teaching/Coaching experience. In early 1991, I was once again, being prompted to leave my practice and begin the next evolutionary phase. This phase was to be an extension of who I naturally was. I realised that I have been a natural healer and teacher from a young age, And presence was inviting me to formalise and to I put my skills out into the world. My practice was busy and profitable. So for nearly 7 months, I resisted the impulse to move on. However the internal imperative, became stronger as the outer world showed me all the signposts to move on. Eventually, I did, and for three months I sat in my apartment and downloaded workshops and coaching courses in Generic Intuition, Medical Intuition, Business Intuition, Intuitive Stock Trading, and even Channelling. I formed a new company, started a national advertising campaign And started running weekend workshops out of my apartment. I continued and expanded my business intuition coaching sessions by word of mouth, and through my contacts with the Directors network. Within three months, I could no longer fit the registrants that we’re coming to my weekend workshops into my apartment, and I expanded into a local seminar centre. Within twelve months I was running workshops in every major capital city in Australia and New Zealand, as well as doing phone and local coaching. So it happened again, in 1997, I was prompted to move from Sydney to Brisbane. No reason, no logic… just trust the process said presence. So that year I re-settled in a new location and continued running the workshops and coaching courses by phone. The following year I met present wife, through one of my workshops. She was a medical practitioner, with a background in nutrition and environmental medicine as well as energy medicine. We instantly recognised each other, and our partnership began. Little did I know that meeting her was to be instrumental in the next phase of my growth… The 2000’s… We are almost through two decades of this century, and my story is ongoing. The last eighteen years, have been not only the most challenging, but also the most uplifting, loving, accepting, and most transformational, of my time on this planet. In 2002 my wife became ill and was no longer able to work. We were blessed with having co-created a stream of income that allowed us to live comfortably. I stopped working, closed down the business, and retired from the world to support my wife through her healing process. It was a period, where I learnt many things about myself, including gratitude, radical compassion, understanding love in all its forms, and most of all patience. Not having the distractions of work, I could focus on … well doing … nothing. Living in the present moment and enjoying each day as it came. I become a master of nothingness. We took life day to day, with its ups and downs. We designed and co-created a new home in a lovely bush suburb. I continued developing my communication and transmission skills with the data stream of consciousness I have always called Presence. In 2012, Presence revealed what it was. For over sixty years I have been interfaced with, and have been evolving as a Channel ( I prefer Conduit ) for Wisdom from the Source Creator or Intelligence. I asked Presence if it preferred to be addressed by something other than Presence, as I am conversational Channel ( that means people can have a chat through me) .. it suggested SOL ( means Signals Of Love ) as a term of address. Things went quiet for a few years, when in 2016, whilst mowing the lawn SOL, popped in and stated that it was my time to get the message of Co-Creation into the world. I had no idea of what that meant. I stopped the mower went inside and wrote for two hours as the transmission continued. For the next nine months, SOL rolled out a 30 year Vision Plan .. for building a global movement of teachers, Influencers, coaches, trainers, transformation artists etc , interconnecting and joining other existing global transformation groups to reach such a scale ( 300 million plus) as to become a tipping point for Full Humanity Awakening. I was being asked to step up out of retirement and act as facilitator, for this grand vision. I was totally overwhelmed by the sheer size of the venture, so much so, that it took me another fifteen months to begin to take action. So I did a deal with SOL or Source. If I was to co-create this vision, then I needed SOL to co-create the necessary, support, people, circumstance, synchronicities and resources to make this happen at scale, and not in thirty years,but in ten. Many of my requests have been fulfilled, many are still in play. But I am proud and blessed to be launching phase one of the vision plan in November of 2018. This begins with the launch of a Global Online Magazine called Co-Creation, which will be the become a strategic delivery system for the Co-Creation message, but also the voice of the movement itself. I am grateful to all those that have come into my experience to assist in this great Task. I am also grateful to the future community, supporters, agents and other co-creators that are to come on this journey as well.

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