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Best Selling Author Shares His Creative Process - Co-Creation Magazine

Best Selling Author Shares His Creative Process


Have you read this fascinating article by Katherine Capshaw and Cora Lynn Diebler? It’s titled From ‘Wild Horses’ to ‘Wild Things,’ a window into Maurice Sendak’s creative process.

We thought we should share the interesting ideas shared here. Here’s an excerpt that we found particularly intriguing:

Just as Sendak fertilized his imagination with a range of artists and sensory experiences, from Mozart to Melville, the wild things themselves are hybrid creatures that possess qualities that are both human-like and animal-like. They roar but speak English, walk upright but have horns sprouting from their heads. By drawing and redrawing the creatures, Sendak could play with their expressions and postures, toying with the ways they might move and engage the reader.

For more useful insights into the creative process, check out the full article.

Check out the original content at The Conversation

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