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Breaking Free From The Comfort of Self-Loathing - Co-Creation Magazine

Breaking Free From The Comfort of Self-Loathing


Not constantly trying to expand your comfort zone is a recipe for debilitating self-loathing. This article from Psychology Today gives us a glimpse of how this happens in our daily lives.

“Any time you pass on an opportunity to connect with someone, even if you think you have good reason, you leave that opportunity unrealized,” the author writes. “Maybe it wouldn’t have worked out—as you anticipate—but, then again, maybe it would.” Passing that moment up would leave you in an endless cycle of thinking about what could have been.

We at Co-Creation Magazine are dedicated to helping our readers to realize their potential. This article can definitely help you do that so don’t hesitate to click on the link for the full article.

Read the source article at Psychology Today

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