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For those people seeking to understand Conscious Co-Creation, and immerse themselves in its global energy, no vehicle is more suited than the Conscious Conversation.

While the concept feels new to those who have not felt its magic and its power to create a shift, it is a vehicle that has been discovered and forgotten many times on the human journey of evolution.

Nothing I say here is original, yet through my own learning journey from information to knowledge, and through experience to wisdom and ‘My Truth’, the experience of conscious conversations has been nothing short of remarkable.

The dictionary refers to a conversation as an informal exchange of thoughts, information etc., by spoken words.

A traditional (unconscious) conversation comes from the ‘I’ space, where each person seeks to pass on his or her own knowledge and understanding. These conversations come from the head.

A conscious conversation emerges from the heart.

It usually starts with a short period of silence, where one seeks to bring the energies of the group into coherence. A conscious conversation starts by seeking to establish a ‘WE’ space. An energetic space free of information, where the primary desire is to invite in a new group consciousness, a new understanding of something that was not previously known or understood. It is a creative space that invites the creative energy of all participants to emerge and contribute to the conscious conversation.

There is no agenda. It may start with an inquiry, a question, a curiosity. A desire to make known the unknown.

This awakened WE space honors the ‘I’ but seeks to quieten the ego by focusing on what is not yet known, rather than what is already known in the individual. The dialogue comes alive when the intellectual and the personal stories are parked in preference to a true listening for what wants to emerge from this group at this moment.

Like a multi-layered cake, really listening to each person’s contribution allows the conscious conversation to develop layer by layer.

The success of the conscious conversation relies on the active participation of all its members. Being fully present through active participation means not only contributing to the layers being brought forth but listening to and feeling the energy of each new contribution.

My own experience of conscious conversations has been that I have felt them as much as I have heard them. The energy is like nothing I had previously experienced and left me feeling valued, seen and appreciated. What is more primal in the desires of every human being?

That is the gift we give to each other in a conscious conversation.

Such conversations are not yet so common in most social, family or business groups, but they are a key ingredient to humanity discovering more about the conscious co-creation of human life on this planet.

When learned and practiced, conscious conversations become the key to more conscious families, conscious relationships and conscious business, all of which lead to more conscious co-creation.

(Just a Thought) Chris Tazreiter

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