Detoxing Your Social Groups Can Be Just As Important to Your Happiness This Coming Year


Our minds like clean beginnings and clean endings so there’s no better time to make fresh start than the New Year. This is why we do our resolutions list at this time of the year.

The perennial ones will be there for sure, such as working out and managing finances better. However, there are often forgotten segments of our lives that also needs a refresh from time to time – our social circles. “Social support has long been demonstrated as one of the leading indicators of happiness and one of the greatest buffers of stress,” writes Michael Woodward P.h.D in this Psychology Today article. “However, not all social circles are positive and many of us suffer from the influence of toxic “friends” who always seem to find a way to drag us down.”

We at Co-Creation Magazine can definitely recommend this awesome piece. Don’t hesitate to click on the link below for the full article so you too can be enlightened.

Read the source article at Psychology Today

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