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Everybody Still Loves Raymond - Co-Creation Magazine

Everybody Still Loves Raymond


Ray Romano is a juggernaut in the many worlds of comedy. In stand-up, he’s conquered every mountain there is. In tv, he’s been the highest paid actor for the whole stretch of the hit show Everybody Loves Raymond.

Recently, he’s reinvented himself as a dramatic actor. It’s a shift that nobody saw coming yet Ray seems to be conquering that mountain as well. “But at some point, you’re going to get rusty and crinkly and old so I wanted to get it down. It’s a great thing to have. The only downside is now I have to give up that material and write a whole new act,” he says in this Newsweek interview.

It’s a great interview about his transformation from a comedian into a dramatic actor. We at Co-Creation absolutely loved it and we’re pretty sure that you would too.


Check out the original content at Newsweek

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