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Finding Your Path - Part 1 - Co-Creation Magazine

Finding Your Path – Part 1

An Interview Series with Neale Donald Walsch

An Interview Series with Neale Donald Walsch

Part One

Bestselling author Neale Donald Walsch is known to millions of people around the world because of his Conversations with God (CWG) book series, and dozens of others titles he has published over the years.
This spiritual messenger has travelled to most corners of the globe over the years, sharing his ideas about religion, spirituality, and its practical applications. He has found that wherever he goes there is a real hunger amongst people to learn new ways of living and ideas for how to achieve peace, harmony, and understanding.

At Co-Creation Magazine, we are delighted to have had the opportunity to chat with Neale about his particular path, and what he has witnessed while he has been focusing on shifting spiritual paradigms world-wide. We were also lucky to get some insights into his newest book.

Read on for the first article in this highly insightful three-part series with Neale.

Neale, as someone who has worked and explored around the globe, you’ve been able to see the current state of things more than most people. In your opinion, what’s the biggest problem in the world today?
The biggest problem in the world today is that most people don’t know what the biggest problem in the world is.

We see the effect of it everywhere—we couldn’t miss it—but we do not seem to be able to figure out the cause. I’ve put the effect of our biggest problem into one word: Alienation.

What issues do you think Alienation is causing?

Seldom before have we seen so many members and groups within our species so vehemently and vociferously against each other. We are living in an “Us against Them” world created by our own angry assessment that it’s the others who are creating misery for us, and even threatening the survival of our way of life.

This has caused us to attack each other verbally, and in far too many cases, even physically. We are tearing apart the fabric of human cohesion – destructive action which in itself presents the biggest danger to our survival as a species. We are doing
ourselves in.

Alienation ultimately produces annihilation, and we can’t seem to stop the process because we keep trying to solve the problem at every level except the level at which the problem exists. Even with all of our technological marvels, all of our genius, all of our tenacity as a species, we seem strikingly unable to see what’s causing our alienation, and thus find ourselves sadly and tragically unable to reverse it. So far. But the next chapter has yet to be written.

Perhaps your next book will help us to understand things better, so we can write OUR
next chapter!

The Essential Path, your latest offering, will be published in June 2019 by Essentials, an imprint of St. Martin’s Press. Could you please share a bit about it and what it addresses?

The book addresses and reveals, in clear and unambiguous terms, the cause of humanity’s alienation. It then lays out the path that it is essential for us to take if we wish our species to stop its self-destruction, and if we wish our own individual lives to take on real meaning—a purpose larger than The One With The Most Toys Wins. Larger, even, than simple survival.

Taking the messages of Conversations with God to the next level—the level of functionality—the text announces that we are One Decision Away from the healing of humanity and the changing of our lives and our world.

It describes that decision as the most daring choice any of us could ever make, offers up tools to help us make it, then invites us to step into the total embracing of this choice individually and collectively.

This is a Call-to-Action book that offers an amazingly simple, yet powerful, antidote to the species-decaying infection of humanity’s spreading Alienation.

The Essential Path will be available from June. Readers can interact with Neale personally, daily, at www.CWGConnect.com.

Want to learn more? Read Part Two of this interview series (it will address personal power and our perception of reality), in the next edition of Co-Creation Magazine. The third and final part of the series will be available in the edition after that and continue this inspiring insight from Neale.

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