How A Good Idea Can Be Bad For Brilliant Ones


Thinking creatively is a skill that is difficult to teach yet highly sought after by recruitment officers and head hunters. Schools, therefore, have a hard time meeting the demands of industries when it comes to this regard.

This article from Psychology Today’s Tara Thiagarajan Ph.D. and Jennifer Newson Ph.D., shares with us one probable culprit why most of us can’t think more creatively. They posit that having a good idea might be blocking the birth of a great idea.”For example, researchers at the University of California showed that people who were better at “forgetting” recent distracting information (in this case, ideas provided by the experimenter), were actually able to generate more novel ideas on a creativity task,” they write.

It’s definitely an insightful article that we at Co-Creation Magazine can recommend that you read. Click on the link below if you’re interested in thinking differently and creatively.

Read the source article at Psychology Today

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