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How Having a Rival Can Make You Better - Co-Creation Magazine

How Having a Rival Can Make You Better


Here’s a fascinating piece from the Harvard Business Review’s HBR IdeaCast podcast. It’s called How Having a Rival Improves Performance.

In it, podcast host Curt Nikisch and his guest psychologist Adam Grant share some of their thoughts on the value of having rivals. Here’s one of Adam Grant’s most interesting points:

So you know, if you assume that every one of your rivals is out to get you, then you’re going to have pretty adversarial relationships with those rivals. If on the other hand, you assume that they might be out to help you, or at least that there are places where your interests overlap or you know, maybe you’re the only people who are qualified to help one another, then you know, sometimes opportunities open up the that you don’t expect.

The rest of the episode has more to offer so check it out if you wish to learn more…

Check out the original content at Harvard Business Review

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