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How the Time's Up Movement is Slowly Shaping the Healthcare Industry - Co-Creation Magazine

How the Time’s Up Movement is Slowly Shaping the Healthcare Industry


Have you read this compelling article from Market Watch called Hollywood’s Time’s Up Movement Takes Aim at the Health Industry?

In it, Jeanette Settembre shares with us some interesting news on how the Time’s Up Movement is transforming the health industry. Here’s a piece of her reportage that’s really interesting:

Academic medicine has the highest rate of gender and sexual harassment in the health care industry, with up to 70% of female physicians and as many as half of female medical students reporting incidents of sexual harassment. Female faculty are more than 2.5 times more likely than male faculty to perceive gender-based discrimination in academia.

For more of Settembre’s report, check out the full write-up.

Check out the original content at MarketWatch

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