How this Ex-Convict Reformed Himself and Became a Successful Businessman


Here’s a fascinating article from Marketwatch. It’s called After 10 Years in Prison, This Reformed Inmate Has Multiple Streams of Income and a New View of Life.

In it, Alessandra Malito gives us this report about Billiy B. – an ex-prisoner that turned his life around as an entrepreneur Here’s a fascinating quote:

The first one was a massive turning point, it was the first month of being incarcerated: It didn’t matter where I came from, what neighborhood, what race. All of that was gone. I was a prisoner, I was the lowest level of society and I realized nothing would happen unless I chose to will it into existence. That was the first big revelation.

For more information about the intricacies of his reformation, check out the rest of Alessandra Malito’s write-up.

Check out the original content at MarketWatch

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