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Living With Purpose According to Rudá Iandê - Co-Creation Magazine

Living With Purpose According to Rudá Iandê


Came across this fascinating piece from a podcast episode from the Ideapod that thoroughly piqued our interest. The title is Living Your Purpose: An Interview With Rudá Iandê. We thought it would be awesome to share it with you.

Rudá gives us some intriguing perspectives here. This is one of them:

Your emotions are what makes you human. It’s sometimes a painful gift, but it’s a gift. Don’t fight it. Be grounded in this place instead. You’ll not only have a much more complete and profound inner life but will also be able to make your emotions work on your behalf.

If you want to listen to this podcast or read the full transcript, just click on the link below…

Check out the original content at Ideapod

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