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Our Paradigms Are Shifting On Women Empowerment - Co-Creation Magazine

Our Paradigms Are Shifting On Women Empowerment


There was a time when in a sexual harassment situation, victim blaming was the norm. That’s no longer the case because society is currently going through a powerful shift in mindset.

From the #MeToo movement in the United States, the women’s liberation movement in India, and many other movements across the globe, women are starting to shake the boat for a more equal playing field with men. This video from Uplift Connect shares with us how all of this might unfold in the near future. The renowned feminist Joan Halifax shares with us her views in it.

It’s an exciting video that’s full of hope for what’s to come. We at Co-Creation Magazine definitely share in this excitement. We’re pretty sure you would too.

Check out the original content at UPLIFT

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