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Raising Children With Love in a World Full of Hate - Co-Creation Magazine

Raising Children With Love in a World Full of Hate


Millennials, even married ones, are notoriously opting for pets rather than children. One of the reasons for this is that the world is too full of hate that raising children in it has become too difficult and maybe even immoral.

But what about those who already have kids?

This very personal blog post from Natasha Funderburk asks all the right questions. “How do I teach my son what it means to grow up to be a good man when the world is already setting such a horrible example?” she asks. It’s a simple question that has infinitely complicated answers.

But, Natasha tries hard to show us how to live with love. That’s all that it takes to be able to raise kids properly. We at Co-Creation Magazine definitely laud Natasha’s earnest sharing on her trepidations in parenting. But, we’re more impressed by her positive overall outlook.

We’re pretty sure that you’ll get a great boost of faith in humanity after reading this so don’t hesitate to click on the link below.

Read the source article at TODAY Parenting Team

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