Self-Assessment Exercises You Can Do To Figure Out Your Strengths


When it comes to elevating the self, you must first know and understand the state of self from which you want to elevate from. Part of this learning your strengths. This article from Psychology Today focuses on that.

In this piece, Katherine Brooks Ed.D. talks about the benefits of discovering and exploring your own personal strengths. She gives us a self-assessment exercise that gives you an honest look into yourself. 

Katherine also offers some advice on how to better yourself. “As you take these tests and explore your interests and skills, again, remember you might find your inner critic showing up.  One good way to deal with this is to ask the critic inside what it’s afraid of,” she says. 

Knowing yourself is the first step to self-improvement. So, we at Co-Creation Magazine can definitely get behind Katherine’s self-assessment tools. We hope that you can experience it to by clicking on the link below.

Read the source article at Psychology Today

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