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Soothing Is the Kindest Form Of Human Interaction - Co-Creation Magazine

Soothing Is the Kindest Form Of Human Interaction


There’s a looming loneliness that results from the overabundance of meaningless interactions. Especially in the digitally interconnected world that we live in today where “likes” and hits are so sought after, this loneliness creates an atmosphere of hopelessness. But, this can be solved by the simple act of soothing.

“Soothing is one of the kindest gestures that humans ever perform for one another. It must lie close to the core of love,” says this Uplift Connect video narrator. “It could mean the difference between the desire to die and the capacity to endure” he continues. It starts from childhood. Children who are soothed properly grow up as adults who know how to soothe correctly.

It’s a beautiful video that Co-Creation Magazine can definitely recommend. It gives great insight into the human condition and how we could make it even better.

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