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The Beautiful Effect of Applying Silicon Valley's Progressive Innovation Mindset to An Entire Nation - Co-Creation Magazine

The Beautiful Effect of Applying Silicon Valley’s Progressive Innovation Mindset to An Entire Nation


We know about the reforms in the workplace that tech companies and other traditionally innovative industries have instilled in the fabric of modern culture. However, how is that very spirit when put at work in the government of an entire nation? We find this out as the progressive nation of United Arab Emirates tries to mix traditional ideals with progressive inclinations in this News Week report.

“The UAE has taken that model a step further pushing the education agenda and rewarding Emiratis well, instilling a drive hard to emulate, seemingly fueled by respect and gratitude towards the leadership, creating a positive knock-on effect. Citizens, in turn, strive to do the best they can for their country, working with determination as if for a higher power, a cause, or their leaders, past and present,” the report reads. These, the report says, are the very things that the country has innovated on. Now, they’re reaping the benefits of that innovative mindset.

It’s a thoroughly interesting mindset that we at Co-Creation Magazine believe we can apply in other nations as well. Sure, UAE isn’t a perfect utopia, but to many people, working class and top 1%ers alike, it’s very close to it.

Read the source article at s.newsweek.com

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