The Benefits of Self-Compassion And Why You Should Try It Too


You’ll be forgiven for thinking that self-compassion is a concept similar to self-love. This well-written article from Hey Sigmund describes how it’s not a self-serving concept and how, if only it’s applied more often, can make the world a much better place.

“Many people have misgivings about the concept of self-compassion because they fear it’s precariously close to narcissism or they can’t conceptualize how it is different from gratitude or simply being present,” she writes. It’s a great concept that’s can be also be observed in mindfulness exercises. It’s about processing trying situations, accepting them, and letting them go.

This, she posists, would free us up to come at these situations from a place of love and respect which is a message that we at Co-Creation Magazine aim to spread. Learn about it more in-depth in this excellent article.

Read the source article at Hey Sigmund

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