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The Elusive Meaning of True Wisdom - Co-Creation Magazine

The Elusive Meaning of True Wisdom


We found this article by Deepak Chopra and thought that it shares interesting ideas worth sharing. It’s called The True Meaning of Wisdom.

In it, he leaves us with some fascinating gems. Here’s one of them that we found thought-provoking:

Wisdom has grown scarce for the simple reason that it follows no model. Socrates made the point, and it got him into a great deal of trouble, that wisdom cannot be taught. You can teach data collection, the amassing of facts, and many branches of knowledge, but wisdom stands apart. True wisdom leads to such things as insight, intuition, depth of experience, self-awareness, and humility before mysteries that will never be fully comprehended.

For more of Deepak’s musings, give the rest of the article a quick going over…

Check out the original content at deepakchopra.com

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