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The Glaring Downside of the Tech Company Culture - Co-Creation Magazine

The Glaring Downside of the Tech Company Culture


This post from the Fast Company piqued our curiosity. It’s called We Need to be More Honest About What the Tech Culture is Doing to Our Mental Health.

It offers us some nuggets of wisdom. This one, in particular, was very thought-provoking:

One of the most prevalent myths in Silicon Valley is that the only way entrepreneurs can achieve the pinnacle of professional excellence is by aggressively “optimizing” their lives. This “always-on” focus has become a disease where leaders get to rebrand addictive behaviors—sacrificing sleep, exercise, family, and sometimes, rationality—as actions to be emulated in order to devote more time to work.

Check out the rest of this article from the website linked below…

Check out the original content at Fast Company

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