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The Irony of Workaholism - Co-Creation Magazine

The Irony of Workaholism


Technology, by definition, was supposed to help make things including work, easier for us. It’s pretty sad that it failed. Instead of making helping us carry the load, it seems to have made companies and society, in general, put more and more. Workaholism, therefore, has taken over the workforce.

However, workaholism may not be what it’s cut out to be. In this article from Psychology Today, Emma Seppala P.h.D shares with us how workaholism can be counterproductive. “Workaholism actually leads to greater costs to organizations too due to stress-related accidents, absenteeism, employee turnover, diminished productivity, medical costs and workers’ compensation—all of which cost the U.S. industry over $300 billion annually,” she writes.

It’s a sad state that we that we’re in right now. Hopefully, this article that we at Co-Creation Magazine are proud to share with you, can help us trace our steps back and start anew.

Read the source article at Psychology Today

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