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The Magic of Numbers for Creation - Co-Creation Magazine

The Magic of Numbers for Creation


Have you ever had an experience like this?

You’re working on a project or cooking a meal when another person offers to help you. They’re holding your intention for the project or meal. When you’re both in alignment, the outcome may be quicker, easier or even more enjoyable than if you had done it yourself.

There is magic in “numbers”.

Clients and I co-create together in my intuitive coaching practice.

Together we hold the belief there are more possibilities than we can see in the moment. As we move into a space powered by the heart, we amplify the energy connecting to this unlimited potential. At the same time, we’re also creating with an invisible, yet ever-present partner, the Universe. (God, Spirit).

“A triad is not just three people meeting together. It is a relationship where each person is responsible for the quality of the relationship between the other to accomplish a mutual purpose.”
~Mark Taylor

David Logan and John King’s book, Tribal Leadership,about the exponential power of Triad Groups, awakened me to the magic of groups for manifestation. I’d experienced the power of two in my coaching sessions at Diamond Pathways. What about the power of 3?

With two friends, a “Triad” group was formed. Over the years this relationship supported each of us in every area of our lives and consistently revealed its magic again and again.

The success of our Triad group encouraged me to facilitate additional “Triad Groups” and then groups of four and five. Like individual sessions, the basic were always present in these groups. We created a safe, quiet space to connect in the heart space and hold the intention. It became obvious we’re tapping into a field, co-creating with something bigger than just the members in the group. Especially since group members had different intentions.

It was exciting to see how each individual’s intentions and goals were met. Fulfilled with more possibility and opportunity than could have been accomplished on their own – all because each member informally held an intention for the others.

Lynne McTaggart’s book The Power of 8: Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group sheds more light on the Co-Creative success of my clients’ and the power of a group. McTaggart’s extensive research found that 8-11 members in a group could co-create powerful change in seeds and plants – to healing in any area of an individual’s life.

Soon after reading Lynne’s book, I was invited to a Power of 8 group and had an opportunity to start one as well. Amazing, transforming, and sometimes surprising, events unfold around the intentions that are shared in each group. Members of both groups feel the energetic support of the group, a feeling of peace and love, and the ripple effects in their lives.

Why? Holding intentions for others, opening your heart in a quiet nonjudgmental space, and connecting with the members of the group creates a unified field of intention. An “alchemical process” appears to be happening during these groups. According to McTaggart, “You lose your sense of self or separation and move into ‘unity consciousness’.

Alchemy seems like the perfect word for the magic of co-creation and manifestation when a group comes together in a safe, quiet space. Focusing on their heart while connecting and holding an intention for one another.

Whether you want to manifest a personal or global intention, now is an important time to be in a “community”. If you want to see change in your life, your business, or the world – partner, form a triad or start a Power of 8 group. The magic is in the numbers.

Bonnie Snyder

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