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Ph.D(c), LLM) Founder& CEO EARTHwise Centre

In the beginning of 2016, during a process of deep reflection and meditation with Mother Earth, I started to receive specific visions and messages that led to 13 Letters. During those dialogues I asked Mother Earth, “As our Planetary Mother, can you share with us what we need to understand and remember about our humanity and these challenging times? How can we end these cycles of violence, division, and degradation?” A few months earlier, much of Europe was in the grip of fear and terror after many people were killed during the Paris bombings of 2015. I was supporting the collective healing process and reflecting on the root causes for all this violence in our world. As these Letters started to come into being, I postponed my other work and made space to write down this wisdom from our Earth Mother with the guidance for how we can actualise our unity and bring forth a New Beginning. Here is a message from Letter 10 “Our Collective Responsibility” with relevance for our world today.


“The creation process of our universe is an ongoing evolutionary process. Through this process, different cycles of time come in and out of being. Each cycle brings forth its own unique set of evolutionary potentials, resulting from the way our interconnectedness is brought into expression. Some cycles are more peaceful while others are more violent and disturbing. During times of collective peace and harmony, it becomes easier to experience our Eternal qualities. It then feels as if our Oneness is wholly manifested, through all the dimensions of our being.

However, there are cycles when it feels as if our unity is more difficult to maintain. As if we become somehow separated. These are the periods through which ignorance, conflict and division grows. These are usually known as periods of darkness, which is not the sacred Darkness of the feminine that I shared with you previously. During these dark ages we learn more fully, yet in challenging ways, that we are the ones to bring forth the wisdom from within regardless of the outer conditions. During such times we are asked to be a force of Love, and a bright Light to make sure that the Light in our worlds does not fade away. We then become responsible for keeping the interconnectedness of our unity intact.

Those who take advantage of these darker periods, of this perceived vacuum, will try to overtake the sacred autonomy of each being’s unique relationship with their Source. They will attempt to become a surrogate source to divert the power and collective resources to their group. We are coming out of this period now. You each know the lived experience of this.

Our collective wisdom can only be manifested by the actualisation of our collective consciousness. Our consciousness is the vehicle, the in strument of Eternity, for realising our sacred seed codes. The Source of consciousness is pure undifferentiated awareness. This awareness remains unchanged by what we experience. Pure undifferentiated awareness has a mirror like quality; all becomes visible by the mirror yet the mirror is not changed by what it makes visible. Only by sourcing from this homogenous awareness does it become possible to understand, learn, grow, develop and truly Love. When we become identified with undifferentiated awareness, and not who is looking, the source of pain, division and conflict vanishes.

Each moment offers another opportunity to connect more fully with, and bring forth our wisdom potential. In order for this to become a living reality felt and experienced by others, we need to embody and embed this wisdom in each of our relationships and ways of living.

Then our relationships become the vessels for our actualization and cease to be the causes for our pain and suffering. ” ~ Anneloes Smitsman, Letter 10, Love Letters from Mother Earth – The Promise of a New Beginning

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