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The Three Forgotten Laws Of The Universe That Influence Prosperity - Co-Creation Magazine

The Three Forgotten Laws Of The Universe That Influence Prosperity


By Maggie Wilder – The Potentialist

I used to think back to my childhood and wonder what could have happened if I’d had mentors who understood both the simplicity and complexity of prosperity consciousness.

I want to share with you the fundamental laws of the universe that in my experience, influence whether people block or allow prosperity into their life.

If you’ve ever wondered why the flow of abundance feels downright absent at times and you want to change that pattern for good, then this article is for you.

I have learned there are four laws that influence the flow of abundance. Most of us have heard of the first law, the law of attraction. Many of us have even experienced some success with this well-known law. More often though, I hear from people who have not been able to maintain that success to make a deep enough impact on their financial freedom.

That is because the law of attraction is only one piece of the puzzle. To maintain the flow of abundance, we also need to take into account the integration of three further laws.

1. The law of circulation.

This law states that giving and receiving are both equal and necessary for sustainable prosperity. To give alone is only half of a cycle.

The ‘givers,’ you know who you are. You’re the one that likes to please, the one that finds it hard to say no. When calling for volunteers, you’re the one that raises your hand, even if it’s out of guilt because no-one else did.

However, you’re also the one that finds it hard to receive, feels uncomfortable if you become the centre of attention. You reject or deflect even the hint of a compliment. “What, this old thing…” we hear you say. “Don’t be silly, it’s JUST me,” you continue, casually brushing that compliment aside.

The art of receiving is downright uncomfortable for the giver. The challenge with this is that the law of circulation states that the universe operates as a continuous flow, a rhythm, vibration, and frequency that functions on the movement of energy.

The universe cannot continue to create itself or birth stars if energy only moves in one direction. For universal expansion and stars to be born, the flow of energy must be continuous, circulatory and constant. Therefore, the rejected compliment or a gift or kindness received without joy is like saying to the universe “No, I’m not worthy.”

The universal purpose for us all is to find joy and share that joy. Compliments are the exchange of universal happiness. If you block a compliment, the law of circulation halts, the universe stops growing.

The law of circulation requires giving and receiving for the flow of an abundant universe to expand. As we are all part of that universe, we contribute to the universal expansion. Our role is to both give and receive with joy. To find happiness, share the joy with as many minds, souls and cells as possible (including yours).

2. The law of the mind.

I now come to the fundamental law of the mind that is at the root of many abandoned prosperity goals. This law states that the programming wired at the automated subconscious level in times of stress will always win. When using the law of attraction to focus on an affirmation or goal, if that affirmation is at odds with a programmed limiting belief, then it will trigger stress in the brain (inner conflict).

You subconsciously reject the affirmation when the energy that flows to the universe is the opposite intent to the first affirmation. If the core belief in conflict with the declaration is “I’m not worthy.” Or “I shouldn’t or couldn’t.” Then this law causes us to attract more of what we don’t want. Our experience is then one of disappointment or frustration because what we thought we were calling for in our affirmation is the opposite of what we attracted.

The frequency of the affirmation must be ‘clean’ for it to attract what we do want. By clean I mean, not tainted with doubt or fear. The little ‘tail-end’ voice or sensation that we try to ignore as we blissfully say our affirmation to the universe, is the frequency we transmit.

We say one thing, but ‘feel’ something else. Then what we feel is what we achieve because the language of the universe is feeling, emotions, and sensations not simply words. Until you speak the affirmation, feel and experience it in every cell as truth, and every thought about it feels clean, and on point, then the law of the mind will always attract what the ‘tail-end’ voice or feeling transmitted.

3. The law of conscience.

The third law is an extension of the second law. This law states that our conscience can be our greatest ally or our greatest enemy. The emotional energy that flows in response to actions, thoughts, spoken words and deeds will determine the flow of energy we receive back from the universe. The reason bad things are often attracted to people when they hope for something more prosperous is that people transmit the frequency of guilt, shame or remorse for things they’ve done or not done in their past. You can overcome the law of conscience easily if you would allow the flow of self-forgiveness. Forgiveness is in reality, for-giving ourselves peace.

Fundamentally, the four laws come together to operate as one, the law of equality in prosperity. Perhaps a new star was born today because you gave joy to someone else and received it back from somewhere else. Maybe a new planet created life today because you forgave yourself and opened to the flow of the universal truth that we are all worthy. That prosperity, abundance, yes, and even money itself, are all just energy in perpetual motion.


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