Why Baby Talk and Making Those Weird Faces Are More Worth So Much More Than Cheap Laughs


From baby talk to making weird faces, human parents always try to recreate whatever it is that made their babies smile for the first time. A baby’s smile is just so precious to look at. It warms the heart and melts the soul. In this article from Psych Today, we learn why we should try even harder to make our babies smile.

“The first real social smile happens at around three months old. What may not have occurred to you in a conscious way is that beginning then—or even sooner—you can help your child develop a hearty sense of humor. And that can make nearly everything about their life better in the long run,” reads the piece.

It’s an excellent article that we at Co-Creation Magazine can definitely recommend. We could use more people in this world with a great sense of humour.

Read the source article at Psychology Today

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